You can help St. Paul’s every time you shop.  It’s easy and doesn’t cost you anything. Pay with a check or cash and beginning in September you can even use a credit card for just a small processing fee.  Read the  program descriptions below to see how you can help. Thanks for supporting St. Paul’s!

ACME, Kings, ShopRite and Wegmans

 Gift cards for these establishments are available every Sunday during coffee hour following the 10 AM service.  Use them as gifts or for your own shopping and dining out.  See Jim Rahal or Lisa Johnson for more information.

You can now pay for the gift cards with a credit card!! There is a small 2.7% service fee.  See Beth for more information.


When you want to shop on Amazon, go to St. Paul’s Web site home page and click on shopping at the top of the page on the right.  Then simply click on the the Amazon ad box below and shop  as you normally would.  St. Paul’s will receive a portion of the sales generated by using this link.  Share the link to this page with family and friends and ask them to use it every time they shop on Amazon. 



St. Paul’s has gift cards available for over 700 stores, restaurants, services and vacation destinations.  Retailers pay between 2% and 16% to St. Paul’s when you purchase the cards and there is no cost to you.  You can order cards on Sunday during coffee hour and receive them the following Sunday.  You can also go to to order your cards.  Use enrollment code 68927L8342L45 to credit St. Paul’s for your purchases and pick the cards up at coffee hour.  Order by Monday night and the cards will be available the following Sunday.  See Beth Abrahamson or call the church office.